Windows Task Scheduler Privilege Escalation ALPC exploit

Quick Description:

Hacker goes by name SandboxEscaper decide to upload 0day exploit in the windows 10 32-64 bit & Server 2016 x64 task scheduler, SchRpcSetSecurity API contains a privilege escalation vulnerability which can allow authenticated low privilege user to overwrite content of certain files protected by ACLs in filesystem. This is big, a local user authenticated can elevate their privilege to NT Authority /SYSTEM, which is highest privilege in windows operating system.

Maybe this new trend to release 0days ?

Hey I link to the code here,hopefully SanboxEscaper doesn’t mind me doing that.

Exploit prerequisite:

-Windows 10 32/64 or server 2016 system
-Exploit code link here
-CFF PE resource editor link here
-Your own malicious dll e.g msfvenom or empire powershell post exploitation framework etc

Process explore tool to see existing/new running process.Cmd.exe then launched notepad.exe to create a new process id PID  so that we can use PID to call hijack DDL as system privilege.


Figure 1  notepad process associated with PID 1356 run under the cmd.exe.

Windows CFF explore  to edit ALPC_Tasksched-LPE.dll  then  RCData 101, Click right to Replace Resource Raw  then poc.dll which we used empire C2 for dll generation . CFF

Figure 2 CFF explore edit the ALPC_Tasksched-LPE.dll and replaced the existing dll with our empire C2 for reverse during execution.


InjectDll.exe 3508 notepad PID and our modified ALP-TaskSched-LPE.PoC.dll


Figure 3  we execute InjectDll.exe with modified empire dll

Local copy of empire agent call back “whoami” command shows session runs under the NT Authority\SYTEM


Figure 4  Agent runs under the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM privilege context


Quick Video session here to demonstrate steps taken to corroborate the  ALPC privilege escalation


Wait for Microsoft to release security patch next few weeks…





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